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Updated January 2020

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Grade One Resources

Locations and dates for the next set of Sound Tuition exams.

Grade One Audio Files Exam Dates

If you do not like downloading software then simply click here to access all of the audio files for the Grade One book via Youtube.  However, the Audio Player, linked above, is highly recommened for ease of use and to speed up learning.

Section 1 Resources guitars Section 2 Resources

Rhythm and scale understanding examples, tests and advice for sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

Examples of candidates' own compositions for section 2.3.

The programme of study and mark scheme used for our Grade One exam.

Exam Syllabus Section 3 Resources

Exercises, examples and advice for sections 3.1 Ear Training, 3.2 Improvisation and 3.3 Accompanying.


Please give support by purchasing the excellent Grade One book.  It provides the student the best start to learning to play complete guitar pieces quickly; whilst learning properly.

Buy the Grade One Book Grade One Audio Player

All the recordings which accompany the Grade One book packaged into a custom made, easy to use, piece of software.  Slow down the recordings, mute the vocals, solo the guitar part; all at the click of a button. 100% free!