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Updated January 2020

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Price: £12.50 per hour group class (sold as a block).  

Beginners £154.98 (10 classes and 2 books).  Intermediates £125 (10 classes).

Contact: [email protected]

Times & Dates: 

Beginners, Fridays 18:30-19:30,  starting 2nd Oct.  Please email for full list of dates.

Intermediates, Thursdays 19:00-20:00, starting 1st Oct.  Please email for full list of dates.

Location: CUFOS, Top of The Avenue, London, N10 2QE.

Requirements: A guitar, case, music stand, tuner, pencil and note pad. Guitars and equipment can be hired.

Styles available: All (acoustic, electric, rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, folk, funk, flamenco, etc.)

Levels taught: Beginners and Intermediates (beginners looking for the best start to their learning and intermediates looking to improve their current skills and knowledge.)

Guitar Lessons Group Classes London - In a nutshell

A little more...

Lessons are taught in groups of between 4 & 8 and are sold as a package of between 10 & 13 weeks depending on the term.  Group tuition is a great way to learn, meet new people and offers great savinging on learning to play an instrument.  


Classes will focus on what the group wishes to learn.  You can select a song each, that you are interested in, and the style you learn will be your choice.


London classes are run by Pete; teacher & administrator for (and all round nice friendly guy).


Sign up today by paying for a course in the on-line shop and please drop us an e-mail if you have any questions.

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