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Updated January 2020

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Price: 14€ per hour group class (sold as a block/term).  

Contact: [email protected]

Times & Dates: 

Please e-mail for the up-to-date timetable of times and dates.

Location: Oulu city centre.

Requirements: Guitars and equipment can be hired. Please bring a guitar, case, music stand, tuner, pencil, note pad and enthusiasm :) !

Ages taught: All (adult and children - from 2 years old)

Styles available: All (acoustic, electric, rock, pop, classical, jazz, blues, folk, funk, flamenco, etc.)

Levels taught: All (beginners, intermediates and advanced).  Beginners looking for the best start to their learning, intermediates looking to improve their current skills and advanced players looking to refine and further their playing.

Guitar Lessons Group Classes Oulu - In a nutshell

A little more...

Lessons are taught in groups of between 2 & 6 and are sold as a package of between 8 & 13 weeks depending on the term.  Group tuition is a great way to learn, meet new people and offers great savinging on learning to play an instrument.  


Classes will focus on what the group wishes to learn.  You can select a song each, that you are interested in, and the style you learn will be your choice.


Classes are run by Pete; teacher & administrator for (and all round nice friendly guy).


Sign up today by paying for a course in the Oulu School of Guitar on-line shop and please drop us an e-mail if you have any questions.

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