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Updated January 2020

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Online Resources

Backing tracks, free software, free learning resources and much more relating to the Sound Tuition Grade 1 Guitar Exam.

Tuner Grade 1 Resources

Tuning a guitar can be difficult at first, but it is worth investing the time to learn how to tune a guitar quickly and accurately. Let us help!

Metronome guitars Scales

Coming Soon!

The number one tool for improving timing, speed, ensemble skills and other aspects of technique. (If used correctly!)

Understanding scales is fundamental to understadning music.  Here Sound Tuition shows you how to use scales properly.

Our online guitar series taking you through the early stages of learning how to play guitar properly.

Video Guitar Lessons Backing Tracks

Super useful for improving your ears, scales, musicality and ultimately learning how to write your own music.  Have fun exploring how to create solos, tunes, riffs, chordal parts and more.  Essential in becoming creative and not just re-creative.