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Updated January 2020

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This page contains sound files of the 6 notes needed to tune any standard guitar (standard tuning for electric, acoustic and classical guitar is the same). Tuning a guitar by ear can be difficult at first, but it is vital to the development of any musician, professional or amateur. A digital tuner can be useful to test how close you were and to get your guitar in tune quickly so you can start playing, but the sooner you can learn to tune a guitar without an electronic tuner the better!


  • Remember to listen, before adjusting your string. Listen to the recording, then adjust your string and then listen again.

  • Go slow and try and match the sound of your guitar string to the sound of the recording.


If this does not come naturally to you we highly recommend purchasing's Ultimate Guitar Textbook in which we break the learning process down in order for the difficulty gap to be bridged slowly.  You might even surprise yourself as to how well you can learn to tune a guitar.