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Updated January 2020

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If you like the work we do and have benefited from our free on-line resources then your appreciation is most welcome, as are tips!  Equally please support our work by purchasing some of our products or attending one of our courses.
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The Ultimate Guitar Textbook (UGT) provides both teacher and student with an invaluable resourse for the journey towards mastery of the guitar.  The UGT starts from the very beginning, with no prior knowledge required, and focuses on developing the solid foundations necessary in order to play guitar properly.  The UGT's aim is to help you become a complete, rounded musician, and not just a great guitarist. Ultimate Guitar Textbook
Our Graded system provides a great way of charting progress as you learn to play a truly amazing instrument.  The Guitar Grade 1 book is built around 13 pieces (6 songs and 7 instrumentals) covering a wide range of styles and includes an individual lesson written for each piece.  The book is far more than just a book of pieces; it is an education.  Learning guitar should be no different regardless of the musical style you are interested in learning.  However all too often jazz, rock, classical, metal, flamenco, etc. are all treated as if completely different to each other.  This should not be the case and we hope to broaden your musical tastes, improve your ability on guitar, increase your skills as a musician in general and to show you what exciting things are possible with guitar, through our books.  Recommended for use with a qualified guitar teacher. Guitar Grade 1

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