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Updated January 2020

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The Ultimate Guitar Textbook (UGT) provides both teacher and student with an invaluable resourse for the journey towards mastery of the guitar.  The UGT starts from the very beginning, with no prior knowledge required, and focuses on developing the solid foundations necessary in order to play guitar properly.  The UGT's aim is to help you become a complete, rounded musician, and not just a great guitarist.

It is possible to work through the UGT alone, however it is strongly recommended that the book be used alongside lessons with a professional tutor, possibly at one of our group classes.

The UGT includes: how to sit and stand, guitar anatomy, fretboard diagrams, reading music, reading TAB, playing chords, playing tunes, strumming patterns, picking patterns, music theory, scales, composition, playing in a variety of musical styles and much, much more.  It was written to present both teachers and students with all the pieces and exercises they need to successfully work together.  The UGT will save the teacher time, hunting for suitable learning materials, so that they can focus on teaching and it will also save the student time, hunting for reliable, relevant, practical information, so that they can focus on learning.

Author: Pete Cooke BMus(Hons) RCS, Endorsement in Guitar Teaching RCS, Post Graduate Certificate in Education UEL.
Publisher: Sound Tuition
Current Edition: Third Edition, Published 2020
Pages: 200